Mr. Chirstopher (IT Professional) - Chennai Feedback about K Karthik Raja's Share Market Training

Mr. Chirstopher (IT Professional) - Chennai Feedback about K Karthik Raja's Share Market Training

                           Trainer  K.Karthik Raja With Mr. Christopher (IT Professional)
                                              (One to One Training Session 1

Topic : 1. Importance of  Investment 
Topic : 2. Wealth Creation 
Topic : 3. Financial Life Target 

Feed Back From Mr. Christopher (IT Professional Chennai)

" Sir has indepth knowledge and great experience in share market and investments. one to one program gives best vision than group training. im very lucky to attend class.once Wealth creation is very important topic and no one can teach better than Karthik raja sir ".

Mr. Christopher (IT Professional Chennai)

Topic : 4. Basic fundamental Analysis 
Fundamental Analysis: Introduction
Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors - The Company
Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative Factors - The Industry
Fundamental Analysis: Introduction to Financial Statements
Fundamental Analysis: Other Important Sections in Financial Filings
Fundamental Analysis: The Income Statement
Fundamental Analysis: The Balance Sheet
Fundamental Analysis: The Cash Flow Statement
Fundamental Analysis: A Brief Introduction To Valuation
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